New emission standards coming July 2018

Posted by Matt McAuliffe

Types of products covered by the new emissions standards.

From 1 July 2018 the importation of emissions-controlled products will be PROHIBITED unless they are Certified as being compliant with Australian Emissions Standards or an exemption has been granted.

Currently these new rules apply to “outdoor power equipment and marine engines” such as

  • spark ignition engines with a maximum power of 19 kilowatts. These can be used in household and commercial operations, and include lawn mowers, ride-on mowers, mulchers, leaf blowers, generators, pumps, chain saws, and other small handheld or pushed/pulled equipment.
  • spark ignition engines used in marine vessels including: outboard engines, personal watercraft and stern-drive engines.

The following attachment (click here) lists examples of the goods that are subject to will become Prohibited.

Australia Certification or Certification from the United States Environment Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board, Canada or a member state of the European Union will be accepted.”

The scheme is administered by the Department of Environment & Energy.

More information can be found at at the following link: – Emissions Standards