Growing our fleet


From humble beginnings back in 1975, the size of the JJ Lawson fleet has grown exponentially over the decades. Our iconic red & black trucks are spotted across the country, drawing a smile to all who pass by. From box trucks and flatbeds to side-loaders and semi-trailers, our fleet moves freight efficiently.

We are often asked why our trucks feature a bear head on them and the answer is simple, because of our partnership and support of the mighty North Sydney Bears. Our founder and Managing Director, Jim Lawson, has supported the iconic red & black rugby league club for over 50 years and remains a loyal fan of the Bears. Not only a fan, but also a sponsor of the North Sydney Bears ensuring the bear head logo lives on for many more years to come.

When you are next passing a JJ Lawson truck, remember to shout out “Go the Bears”!

At JJ Lawson, we pride ourselves on providing efficient freight forwarding and customs clearance, expert advise and the highest level of customer service.